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Soybu® (pronounced Soy-boo) originated in Denver, Colorado in 1998. We are dedicated to embracing a Life of Flexibility by creating performance driven apparel built for comfort, movement, and life on the go.

Whether metro or open outdoors, Soybu® delivers stylish solutions to your every day. The art of balancing life’s activities and overall wellness in any setting represents true versatility.


The Logo

The Soybu® logo was designed as a representation of peace, & equilibrium; derived from script of the same meaning.
This symbol is subtly embedded into each design to integrate positive energy throughout your daily transitions.

our brand ethos

The Soybu® guiding principles are built on the above pillars. Our perspective is to live holistically well. It represents our commitment to our customers and overall quality.

We strive to empower others by investing in community, creating life-long connections and inspiring healthy living. Offering eco-conscious options, we further establish the valuable connection to the planet and environment we live in.

Soybu® continues shaping a more purposeful relationship towards clothing. Our mission is driven by Focus, balance, flexibility, and tranquility within your dynamic lifestyle.